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Asile Flottant Installation
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Loving Day
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Loving Day
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Loving Day
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            Rirkrit Tiravanija, Asile Flottant, Wood, metal, T-shirts, mannequin busts, drawings, Interior view.
Rirkrit Tiravanija, Asile Flottant.
Asile Flottant
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Tiravanija resurrects Le Corbusier's famous floating barge from Paris in a monumental installation fabricated in Thailand and reassembled piece by piece for the exhibition.  Asile Flottant was a floating asylum providing temporary overnight shelter for vagrants wandering the streets of Paris. Tiravanija's boat serves as a pavilion presenting t-shirts with political slogans and text designed by the artist as well as t-shirts that the artist has collected from his travels across the globe. Visitors to the gallery are able to embark the pavilion, which at 100 feet long is a half scale re-creation of the original, and experience the rehabilitation project from the perspective of the homeless who sought shelter by leaving terra firma.
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Spider Galaxy
Carlos Amorales
Galia Eibenschutz and Anais Bouts perform Walk on Cracked Land, December 2013
Galia Eibenschutz and Anais Bouts perform Walk on Cracked Land, December 2013

Spider Galaxy is Carlos Amorales' 400 piece sculpture resembling a spider's web. The work extends to serve as a stage for performance artists by incorporating sound and seating for performers and audience members alike. Spider Galaxy was presented during Art Basel with two premier dance performances by Galia Eibenschutz and Atma Dance Company. Students and the community will interact with the art installation during a series of performances throughout the exhibition cycle which runs through January 23, 2014. See event photos here


Atma Dance Company
Offerings: Humanity and Modernity 
Atma Dance performance Offerings: Humanity and Modernity by award winning choreographer Colleen Farnum blends original modern choreography with traditional yoga elements incorporating new video and photography commissioned for Art Basel.
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Vintage Bettie Page at Bunny Yeager Studio
Bunny Yeager, Bettie Brushing Hair, 1954.

Vintage Bettie Page features never before seen photographs of Pin-Up icon Bettie Page by photographer Bunny Yeager.  

Bunny Yeager is the legendary model, photographer, writer and swimsuit designer whose pictures of Bettie Page catapulted both Page and Yeager to fame in 1954.  The publication of Yeager's centerfold photo of Bettie Page in Playboy launched Yeager's photographic career and began a lifelong friendship with Hugh Hefner, the magazine's publisher. Her groundbreaking work inspired new generation of photographers from Cindy Sherman to those who shoot swimsuit models outdoors for Sports Illustrated.
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Clyde Butcher
From mountain waterfalls to lush green jungles, from grassy swamps to sandy beaches Butcher's photographs reveal the seductive beauty, subtle grandeur and majesty of America's landscape and now Cuba's untouched heritage. Butcher's photographs seem larger than life, like the artist himself, and compel us to step into the places he depicts. His unique talent is that he sees and feels vistas that sing the spirit of place.Oxbow Bend by Clyde ButcherClyde Butcher, Oxbow Bend, 2011, Silver Gelatin Photograph, 36 x 60


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